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Get health info for torrents. This module is based on torrent-tracker and returns the seeds, peers, completed, and information about torrents, given a file, magnet link, or directory.


$ npm install -g dess-torrent-tracker-health



var torrentHealth = require('torrent-tracker-health');
var uri = // Could be a magnet link, torrent file location, torrent directory, or line delimited list of infohashes.
torrentHealth(uri, options).then(res => {

Global / CLI and options

$ npm i -g dess-torrent-tracker-health
$ torrent-tracker-health -h
Usage: torrent-tracker-health [options]
  --torrent: the torrent file, magnet link, torrent dir, or a file of line-delimited list of infohashes
  --trackers= [Optional] {tracker1/announce, tracker2/announce}, uses a default list otherwise
  --batchSize: [Optional] The number of torrents to include in the scrape request (Default 50)
  --showAllFetches: [Optional] Shows all the scrapes, instead of choosing the one with the most seeders(Default false)
  --debug: [Optional] (Default false)


$ torrent-tracker-health --torrent test_torrent_dir
  "results": [
      "name": "Lenin - The State and Revolution [audiobook] by dessalines",
      "hash": "bf60338d499a40e4e99ca8edffda9447402a29de",
      "length": 293313300,
      "created": "2016-10-14T07:03:14.000Z",
      "files": [...],
      "tracker": "udp://",
      "seeders": 12,
      "leechers": 2,
      "completed": 2598
      "name": "Trotsky - Fascism - What it is and How to Fight it [audiobook] by dessalines",
      "hash": "d1f28f0c1b89ddd9a39205bef0be3715d117f91b",
      "length": 134145561,
      "created": "2016-11-13T13:12:47.000Z",
      "files": [...],
      "tracker": "udp://",
      "seeders": 3,
      "leechers": 0,
      "completed": 73
  "options": {
    "batchSize": 50,
    "trackers": [
    "showAllFetches": false


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