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Heretic d85011ee94 Upping version.
ci/woodpecker/tag/woodpecker Pipeline failed Details
2 weeks ago
heretic 5a1f48fa83 Use smaller rows. (#8)
Co-authored-by: Heretic <>
Reviewed-on: #8
2 weeks ago
heretic 190bc871e7 Fixing gradle lint. (#7)
Co-authored-by: Heretic <>
Reviewed-on: #7
2 weeks ago
heretic 27441ef4c2 Gradle build 1. (#6)
Co-authored-by: Heretic <>
Reviewed-on: #6
3 weeks ago
Heretic bb86a7bd9a Adding woodpecker.
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline failed Details
1 month ago
Heretic 53d3d34f6e Upping version 2 months ago
Heretic c8e84a8249 Adding IME padding, and localized strings.
- Fixes #4
- Fixes #5
2 months ago
Heretic 0dcb0e039f Upgrading deps 3 months ago
Heretic 67d8b95e61 Upping version. 3 months ago
Heretic 92aab5fff0 Upgrading deps. 3 months ago
Heretic 1a532e7d9f Upgrade to use material v3. Fixes #1 5 months ago
Heretic 4cfd86efff Updating links. 5 months ago
Heretic d9a7cc4251 Upping version. 6 months ago
Heretic 806ab91509 Upgrading deps. 6 months ago
Heretic 4a7969e284 Upping version. 7 months ago
Heretic 9381942ea8 Upgrading deps 7 months ago
Heretic c0b7705d00 Upgrading version 8 months ago
Heretic 7bae3ac863 Format kotlin 8 months ago
Heretic 3809f75ed0 Fix keyboard action 8 months ago
Heretic 00f50b2189 Upgrade deps, add lintKotlin 8 months ago
Heretic 12d291cd1d Fix gradle prod build. 8 months ago
Heretic 81e05b53bc Updating deps. 8 months ago
Heretic a4bda1c63f Upgrading deps 8 months ago
Heretic 80ebed9247 Merge branch 'main' of 10 months ago
Poussinou 36404ffb5f Mise à jour de '' 10 months ago
Heretic 6b57eebda4 Upping version 11 months ago
Heretic f3b914bb1f Updating deps, keyboard 11 months ago
Heretic afc8ae639b Upping version 1 year ago
Heretic ac28012d2d Adding minifyEnabled=true 1 year ago
Heretic 4a7dd81f08 Adding release config. 1 year ago
Heretic 556bcb4466 Fix imports. 1 year ago
Heretic a7994c1634 Fix enter key on keyboard. 1 year ago
Heretic 72d62b8e07 Upping version 1 year ago
Heretic 7af4fe2111 Adding long click copy magnet link, adding no app exception catch. 1 year ago
Heretic 6e704682ca Dep updates, upping version 1 year ago
Heretic c5b011e86d Update code refs. 1 year ago
Heretic b1029ca70d Fix focus issue. 1 year ago
Heretic 8adda5f3fc Remove signing config from build.gradle. 1 year ago
Heretic 24f1fce6e9 Upping version 1 year ago
Heretic b7f54197e0 Remove extra line. 1 year ago
Heretic 1dacc79218 Adding donation link. 1 year ago
Heretic b2168b6f7c Adding new pictures. 1 year ago
Heretic 1b67c2b720 v1.0.3 1 year ago
Heretic 03803e657e Reorganizing, cleaning up, adding ktlint. 1 year ago
Heretic 05669f2bbc Adding metadata file for f-droid 1 year ago
Heretic a3ca73b3a2 Adding fastlane 1 year ago
Heretic 396b3ebf56 Add a signing config 1 year ago
Heretic 5c0e709b54 Updating trackers. 1 year ago
Heretic 60badf3c06 Formatting with ktlint. 1 year ago
Heretic bc2aaeea8f Fix keyboard action 1 year ago